SKvision Broadband


You can start using the service post installation and realization of subscription amount.

You can access SKvision Secured Wireless Broadband service from PC/Laptop/Smart Devices like tablets and smart phones. Minimum System Requirement details are as below:

Device configuration requirements:

  • PCs / Laptops must have minimum Intel P IV 2 GHz or higher processor and 1 GB RAM – Minimum 2 GB free hard disk space at the time of installation – Operating System: Win Vista,Win 7- Ethernet LAN Card / Port (10 / 100BaseT) with TCP / IP support.
  • Browser Options: IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome. Kindly ensure that your browser is updated to the latest version available.
  • Subscribers can use the service on Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smart phones, tablets, touch pads notebook, etc. These devices must support 802.1X, WPA2 Enterprise security features
  • For Windows Users

Launch Browser > Enter User ID & Password

Launch Dialer > Select Profile > (Ethernet, All Home) > Enter User ID & Password > Launch Browser

  • For MAC Users

Launch Browser > Enter User ID & Password

The Maximum PCs/Laptops/Smart Devices which can be connected under a specific plan is available in tariff plan tables. Visit Product & Services section for plan details.

@ll Home Secured Wi-Fi Service provides facility connects multiple PCs/Laptops/Smart Devices simultaneously as per your subscribed plan from a single location where the modem is installed.

You will be charged only on the basis of upload/download of data and not for the time for which you are connected to the internet. However, we recommend you to log out when you do not want to use internet as activities such as streaming, flash, auto updates, virus on your PC etc. can result in unintended data usage.

Service can be provided if our network is available in your new location. Shifting charges will be applicable as per Company policy. You will need to provide your new address proof for installation & billing purpose.

Yes, you can receive our signal throughout your home.

  • One hot spot instance can support an area of approximately 1000 sq.ft. Please note for large homes, additional hotspots will be required.
  • Connects multiple PC/Desktops wirelessly
  • Simultaneous log-ins only for single location as per your subscribed plan
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